Peer tutor learning to improve student learning outcomes in breaststroke swimming lessons

  • Zainal Abidin SDN 2 Parepare


The Peer Teaching-learning model is basically a learning activity by choosing a student who will be a teacher with the term "tutor", the tutor will later help other students (learners) in studying subject matter or motion tasks in a learning process. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was an effect of the use of peer tutor learning models on student learning outcomes in breaststroke swimming lessons in elementary schools. The method used is Classroom Action Research which consists of 2 cycles. The results showed that the use of the peer tutoring learning model had an influence on student learning outcomes in breaststroke swimming lessons. Based on the results of data analysis concluded that there was an influence in terms of increasing the percentage of completeness, namely in the first cycle with an average value of 64 with a percentage of completeness of 25%, and in the second cycle the average value of 78 with a percentage of completeness of 81%. The conclusion of the study was the use of peer tutoring learning models on student learning outcomes in breaststroke swimming lessons in elementary schools


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