• Yenni Anggraini
  • Masayu Lely Mutmainnah
Keywords: language investment, student investment


In this globalization era, english has become a compulsary subject, a bussiness language, and even an international language. The students were demanded to be able to master in english both written and spoken. Morever, In this pandemic Covid-19 situation, The students undeniable to do an online learning used the application such as zoom, google meet, etc. that the language of the applications is english. Thus, to meet the demands of english, there were many students do an investment in learning english. This happened because they want to get the best opportunity for their goals future and needs. Therefore, this research was to explore how far a group of students view English as a capital for their perceived benefits in the future. Not only explore about the students view of english, this study also discussed the relationship between English language learning and capital from the background of globalization concerning the English language and the discussion of the development of English education in Indonesia