Enhancing mathematical reasoning ability and self confidence students’ through realistic mathematics education approach with geogebra

  • C M Pertiwi Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Siliwangi
Keywords: athematical Reasoning, Self Confidence, Realistic Mathematics Education, Geogebra


This research aimed to analyze the role of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach with GeoGebra in enhancement and achievement of Mathematical Reasoning Ability (MRA) and Mathematical SelfConfidence (MSC) of Junior High School students, and due to no research on the dependent variable and independent variable together yet. The method used was experimental research with a pretest-posttest Control Group Design. In this research, the population was all 7th graders in Cimahi City. The research sample was 69 students consisted of two classes that were randomly selected and divided into experimental and control classes in a school. The instrument used an essay test on MRA and MSC scale. The results showed that: (1) Significant enhancement and achievement of MRA and MSC for students who learned through RME with GeoGebra were better than the Ordinary Learning (OL), (2) Students achievement of MRA through RME with GeoGebra was at a strong level and for students with OL was at a sufficient level, (3) Students achievement of MSC through RME with GeoGebra and students with OL were at a good level, (4) Students MRA on the indicator explained that the model had not been achieved ideally, (5) There was an association between MRA and MSC.