The Influence of use of PMRI Approach to Transparent Tape Media on the Ability of Troubleshooting Problem Students

  • Istiqomarie Nurul Azizah Elementary School
  • F Nyiayu Fahriza Raden Fatah’s University
Keywords: PMRI, transparent tape media, troubleshooting problem


This study aims to determine whether or not there is an effect of using the PMRI approach to problem solving abilities of elementary school students in grade VI. This research was conducted at Karang Waru Elementary School, Lawang Wetan Subdistrict, Sekayu. This research is an experimental research using Quasi Experimental Design and Pretest-Posttest One-Group research design. In this study the sampling technique used is saturated sampling. The media used in the PMRI approach in this study is transparent tape. Data collection techniques in this study were tests and observations analyzed by looking for the average of the indicators of each student, normality test, homogeneity test, and hypothesis testing using the t-test to see the effect of using the PMRI approach on students problem solving abilities. The results of the final analysis were using the t-test which obtained the results of tcount> ttable (12,354> 2,261) with a significance level below 0.025 so it was concluded that the use of PMRI approach had a positive influence on students problem solving abilities.