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  1. Before preparing and submitting article manuscripts, please note that author(s) are discouraged from withdrawing submitted papers after it is in the publication process (review, copyedit, layout, etc.,). During that time, Sriwijaya Journal of Sport had spent valuable resources besides time spent in the process.

    Sriwijaya Journal of Sport accepts the following types of papers:

    1. Research Articles (up to ~5000 words, including references, notes, and captions, or ~5 printed pages) are expected to present a major advance. Research Articles include an abstract, an introduction, up to six figures or tables, sections with brief subheadings, and upwards of 30 references. Materials and Methods should usually be included in supplementary materials, which should also include information needed to support the paper's conclusions.

    2. Reports (up to 5000 words including references, notes, and captions or ~3 printed pages) present important new research results of broad significance. Reports should include an abstract, an introductory paragraph, up to four figures or tables, and about 30 references. Materials and Methods should usually be included in supplementary materials, which should also include information needed to support the paper's conclusions

    3. Reviews (up to 3500 words including references, notes, and captions) describe new developments of interdisciplinary significance and highlight future directions. They include an abstract, an introduction that outlines the main theme, brief subheadings, and an outline of important unresolved questions. A maximum of 30 references is suggested. Most Reviews are solicited by the editors, but unsolicited submissions may also be considered.

    The Author’s Guideline of Sriwijaya Journal of Sport since the publication year of 2021

    1. Introduction

    Sriwijaya Journal of Sport is a national scientific journal that is open to finding innovation, creativity, and new things related to sports science. Sriwijaya Journal of Sport is a peer-review journal published by the Department of Sport Education, FKIP Universitas Sriwijaya.  The aim of the journal is to facilitate scientific publication of the results of research and participate to boost the quality and quantity of research for academics and researchers. Sriwijaya Journal of Sport published three two a year, in May and November by publishing research results and critical analysis studies in the field of Physical Education, Sport Tourism, Sports Coaching, Physical Activity, Sport History, Sports Biomechanics, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Physiology, Sports Facilities, Sociology of Sport, Sports Law, Sport Management, Philosophy of Sport, Motor Learning and Control, Sports Medicine and Traditional Sports.

    This journal was indexed in DOAJ, GARUDA, Dimensions, PKP Index, Google ScholarSriwijaya Journal of Sport editorial board invites you to submit your manuscript to be published in this journal. An example of a writing format article is Click Here.

    2. The Manuscript General Guidelines

    The manuscript text's general guidelines are as follows:

    1. The manuscript is an authentic research result that has not been published yet in other publication media or publishing houses.

    2. Manuscript accepted standard written in Indonesian and English;

    3. The manuscript text is thought to be written as this article template. The article is written on A4-size paper (210x297 mm), with custom margins as follows: left 2,5 cm, right 2,5 cm, bottom 2,5 cm, and top 2,5 cm, Bookman Old Style theme font, 12 pt font size, and 1,15 line-spacing.

    4. The manuscript does not contain any plagiarism element. The editorial board will directly reject the text that indicates plagiarism. We use plagiarism software to check your manuscript.

    5. The manuscript consists of five main headings: Introduction; Methods; Results and Discussion; Conclusions; References;

    6. The title of the article should be as short as possible, and should represent the content of the manuscript;

    7. Author names are written under the title, followed by author affiliation and e-mail address;

    8. Abstract written in Indonesian and English. Abstract not exceeding 200 words, write a narrative consisting of goals/objectives, methods, and findings of the research/writing;

    9. Keywords: words or phrases that are important, specific, or representative of articles and consisting of 3-5 words;

    10. The manuscript must be written in the following template;

    1. The Guidelines for the Manuscript Body Text

    The title of the manuscript: The title should be informative and written both briefly and clearly. It cannot be diverse multi-interpretations. It has to be pinpointed with the issues that will be discussed. The title is written with the font type (Bookman Old Style 16pt, Bold, Sentence case,). The article title does not contain any uncommon abbreviations. The main ideas should be written first and followed then by their explanations. A maximum of fifteen-word article titles, 20pt font size, with bold and middle text formatting options.

    Abstract: The abstract has to be written within 200 words maximum and followed by three to five keywords and arranged alphabetically. The abstract should be typed as concisely as possible and should be composed of the problem statement, research purposes, method, scientific finding results, and a short conclusion. The abstract should only be typed in one paragraph and one-column format.

    Introduction: The introduction must contain (shortly and consecutively) a general background and a literature review (state of the art) as the basis of the brand-new research question, statements of the brand-new scientific article, main research problems, and the hypothesis. In the final part of the introduction, the purpose of the article writing should be stated. They should be represented in the literature review to show the brand news of the scientific article.

    Methods: The method explains how the research is conducted, including research design, data collection, research instrument, and analytic methods. This part should be narrated.

    Results and Discussion: This part consists of the research results and how they are discussed. The results obtained from the research have to be supported by sufficient data.  The research results and the discovery must be the answers or the research hypothesis or research question stated previously in the introduction part.

    Conclusion: This is the final part containing conclusions, limitations, and recommendations. The conclusions will be the answers to the hypothesis or research question, the research purposes, and the research discoveries. The conclusions should not contain only the repetition of the results and discussions. It should be the summary of the research results as the author expects in the research purposes or the hypothesis. Research limitations and recommendations contain deficiency in the research and suggestions associated with further ideas from the research.

    References: All the references that are used in the article must be listed in this part. In this part, all the references used must be taken from primary sources (scientific journals and the lowest number is 80% of all the references) that were published in the last ten years.

    4. The Guidelines for the Citations and References

    All the server data or quotes in the article taken from the other author's articles should attach the reference sources. The references should use a reference application management such as MendeleyEndNote, or Zotero. The writing format used in Sriwijaya Journal of Sport follows the format applied by APA 7th Edition (American Psychological Association).

    For example:

    Article journal:
    Araujo, G. D., Gobatto, F. M., Papoti, M., Camargo, B., & Gobatto, C. (2014). Anaerobic and Aerobic Performances in Elite Basketball Players. Journal of Human Kinetics, 42, 137–147. https://doi.org/10.2478/hukin-2014-0068

    Hoffmann, J. J., Reed, J. P., Leiting, K., Chiang, C. Y., & Stone, M. H. (2014). Repeated sprints, high-intensity interval training, small-sided games: Theory and application to field sports. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 9(2), 352–357. https://doi.org/10.1123/IJSPP.2013-0189

    Maksum, A. (2008). Metodologi Penelitian. Surabaya: Univesity Press.
    Coker, C. A. (2017). Motor learning and control for practitioners. New York: Routledge.


    Nurkholis, M. (2015). Kontribusi Pendidikan Jasmani dalam Menciptakan SDM yang Berdaya Saing di Era Global. Prosiding.  Seminar Nasional Olahraga UNY Yogyakarta; 192-201.


    All Figures (charts, diagrams, line drawings, web pages/screenshots, and photographic images) should be submitted in electronic form. All Figures should be of high quality, legible, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Graphics may be supplied in color to facilitate their appearance on the online database. Figures created in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel should be supplied in their native formats. Electronic figures created in other applications should be copied from the original software and pasted into an MS Word template document. Photographic images should be inserted in the main body of the article and of high quality.


    Tables should be typed and included in the main body of the article. The position of tables should be inserted in the text as close to the point of reference as possible. Ensure that any superscripts or asterisks are shown next to the relevant items and have corresponding explanations displayed as footnotes to the table, figure, or plate.

    5. The Online Submission Manuscript Guidelines

    The manuscript text must be submitted by one of two systems (the second procedure is preferable):

    1. The document should be submitted through the Online Submission System in the Sriwijaya Journal of Sport E-journal portal.

    2. Firstly, the author should register as either an author or reviewer (checking role as author or reviewer) in the “Register”.

    3. After the registration step is completed, log in as an author, and click on “New Submission”. The article submission stage consists of five stages, such as:(1). Start, (2). Upload Submission, (3). Enter Metadata, (4). Upload Supplementary Files, (5). Confirmation.

    4. In the “Start” column, choose Journal Section (nearby Volume and Issue will publish), and check all the checklists.

    5. In the “Upload Submission” Columns, upload the manuscript files in MS Word format in this column.

    6. In the “Enter Metadata” columns, fill in all the author data and affiliation. Including the Journal Title, Abstract, Keywords, and References.

    7. In the “Upload Supplementary Files” columns, the author is allowed to upload supplementary files, the statement letter, or any other thing.

    8. In the “Confirmation” columns, if the data you entered is all correct already, then click “Finish Submission”.

    9. If the author has difficulties in the submission process through the online system, please contact Sriwijaya Journal of Sport editorial team at sjs@fkip.unsri.ac.id